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Emma and Keith's Wedding

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All about us


When we first met, Keith was wearing this:


... which perhaps makes it amazing we ever got further!


At the time we were both medical students in Cardiff, and Emma was in her final year.


You can probably guess the time of year. Anyway our first date was a carol concert...


As it was Christmas holidays we both left Cardiff, but Keith arranged a romantic meet up or two. The first was at a motorway services. Emma says she couldn't sleep well that night and always blames the coffee, but maybe things were starting to get more exciting?


The next was a day together in Winchester. Neither of us had been there before and in many ways this was the first of many of the now hundreds of places we have discovered together.


Our adventures took us up hill and down dale, meeting lots of strange creatures along the way...



Then in early 2012, we started looking into the prospect of working overseas for a while, and travelling. This ended up as an amazing journey together which started in the summer of 2012 and took in a staggering ten countries.


Our photo blogs are here if you missed them.


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